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Weekends for the Engaged

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! The Archdiocese requires all engaged couples who want to be married in the Catholic Church to attend an approved pre-cana program aimed at ensuring the success of your marriage. Weekends for the Engaged is a weekend designed to broach a host of topics that all couples will, at some point in their marriage, have to face.


Topics include: how to communicate effectively, ways to adjust to being married, Catholic family planning, managing and agreeing on finances, legal aspects of marriage, the consequences of divorce, and marriage as a Sacrament.


This program will take place over a weekend or, in in some cases, over a series of weekends. Couples will usually be allowed to return home during the evenings at the end of each session day. Couples must attend all sessions to get their certificate of completion.


The cost is $85/couple.


Couples must register using the form below. Please pay via PayPal and indicate which course date you are choosing to attend.

Questions? Contact Yvette at 505-831-8117 or

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