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Addiction Recovery

"Cast all your worries upon Him because He cares for  you..the God of grace...He will restore, confirm, strengthen and establish you" (1 Peter 5:7-10)

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Unfortunately, the profound effects of addiction have wounded our communities but - more importantly - hurt and disruption have been felt within our families.  So many people think they are the only ones who have been touched by addiction, but it is estimated that 63% of Americans are somehow affected*.  Whether it shows its face through the problem use of alcohol or drugs, or through compulsive behavior such as pornography or gambling, families often struggle with guilt, anxiety, depression, and fear.  Support is available for those who are seeking peace, healing, and a restoration of faith.   

Path to Peace provides prayerful support to people suffering the addiction of a loved one and offers information on the physical, psychological, and emotional characteristics common to addiction. It is founded on the belief that with God all things are possible and that information on addictive substances and behaviors can help families respond better to the challenges addiction presents.  

For those who struggle with addiction to pornography, the Pornography Recovery Program is an anonymous online program available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The program is Catholic-faith focused and utilizes the latest brain science behind this specific type of addiction, along with personalized support for each person. More information can be found at:


Professional counseling and therapy for families of the addicted is also available. For a list of counselors and therapists who have received education and training from the ASF about the theologies, traditions, and values of the Catholic faith, visit the ASF Therapist Referral Network.


Addiction can create a toxic environment for families and can escalate into domestic violence, if not treated. The Family Life Office offers domestic violence prevention workshops in both English and Spanish.


Workshops include lessons and practice in: healthy communication skills, conflict resolution skills, strategies for overcoming contributing factors, self protection measures and prevention resources. To schedule a workshop, call the Family Life Office at 505-831-8117.


*Costa, Anne. Praying for Those with Addiction Frederick: The Word Among Us Press, 2016.

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